Is my heart rate monitor broken?

    I have had it since May and a few nights ago it stopped working, the watch display has just's still on, but not functioning.

    I assumed the battery had just died, so I order two from eBay and..unsure if it was the watch or transmitter that needed replacing I have just done the transmitter one so far (because it doesn't look like you are even meant to remove the watches one, I am scared to!) and it has not fixed any thing.

    Should I try and change the watch battery? Any other suggestions?



    Your dead :?

    :lol: I kid....umm...I have no idea! :thinking:


    Your dead :?:lol: I kid....umm...I have no idea! :thinking:

    Was just going to say that. hehe


    consult a doctor

    Original Poster

    Boom Boom :P

    I just read on the York Fitness website that you are meant to take the watch to a jewelers to get the battery replaced, which is why I am nervous to do has all screws and everything.

    I have another question instead/as well then -- can any one with a heart rate monitor tell me if 8+ months is a reasonable/normal amount of time for the batteries to last on these things?



    that seem about right (i dont have one but 8-10months sounds normal)

    my tv remote stopped working once........

    Shame you didn't ask earlier. I would have said it would have been worth changing the battery first. The transmitter shouldn't be a problem this quickly. Saying that, unless you regularly train i.e. always using it for measuring HR often, the battery didn't seem to last long either. If you take it to a shop to get the battery changed, they will give you two options. 1. Simply change the battery or 2. Change the battery and then reseal to make it watertight again (might charge more for this).
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