Is my laptop screen bust? Need replacing

Found 9th Feb
I dont get what has happened. Powered it down....went out to eat....powered it back up and it has a mark on it which wont go.

Please see images. Theres no way dell is covering this I guess. Had it for a month
Theres no damage on it whatsoever. So bizarre.
Any advise?

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If it’s under warranty and it’s new they should cover it

Especially if there is no sign of damage.
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Dont panic yet - although I wouldn't want you to be overly optimistic either

Your PC will have diagnostics built into the hardware - as opposed to using Windows diagonsirtics. You have to discover which PF key to hold down while pressing start to access them. Use Google and follow the prompts. Come back when you have some news
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Looks like a flaw in the panel, your warranty covers manufacturer defects. As long as there are no signs of damage I would say you should be alright.
Also be aware it's possible to break the LCD without damaging the front plastic face. It will feel smooth on the outside but still be damaged inside.
If its got a hdmi on it hook it upto a tv and see what you get on the screen .
I've seen it happen when a pen has been left on the keyboard and the lid closed onto it.
99% convinced that is permanent screen damage, not a video card fault. By the appearance I suspect an engineer would reasonably write that issue as likely impact damage not a "flaw", in which case you may need expert opinion if you choose to attempt to enforce a warranty claim.
Did anybody else have access to the machine whilst you were away from it...?
The black areas are the liquid crystals bleeding out between different layers of the screen. I would have thought that would be near impossible for that to happen without any external physical damage done to the screen.
if you had the laptop sat open and picked it up from the back just by the top where the webcam is you could have done damage like that.
That's a broken screen, My foster kid did a similar thing when opening her laptop, Cracked all top where she would open it with her thumb on the screen causing it to crack.
Looks like a lot of pressures been applied to the. Top of the screen maybe when carrying it.

You could contact dell and get their help but not sure if they will think it' manufacturers fault
I had this happen to me on a laptop before all I did was order specific screen model number and replaced it myself was not too hard,
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