Is my PC running ok / Performing OK?

    Hey all

    Just built myself a new PC over the last week with parts aquired from deals on this here website!! These are the specs as below!

    Gigabyte P31 DS3L Motherboard
    Pentium E2160 CPU (Running at 3.2GHZ)
    2GB OCZ DDR6400 Ram
    Point Of View 512MB PCIE 8800GT
    Pioneer 112D DVD Writer (IDE)
    Seagate 250GB Sata2 300 Hard Drive
    Antec 500 PSU
    On Board Sound
    Arctic Freezer Pro 7 Cooler

    At idel my CPU will sit around the 29 -33 degrees mark. At full load, im getting around 48-51 degrees so this looks ok.

    On 3dMark 06, ive ran this about 4 times and seem to get around 11,600 (1280x1024 default settings)

    Prime 95 admittedly ive only ran for about 45 minutes but it ran flawlessly for this period of time.

    Now to my problem (well i think its a problem). With every PC ive ever owned, when you switch it on, within a few seconds you get a short beep, lasting probably 0.25 of a second. Ive always thought this was the sound they all made, once they were swiched on. But with this PC once its switched on, i get the beep on boot up, but the length of it varies. Sometimes it can be half a second, and occasionally this beep can last for 2-3 seconds before it starts. Its just one long beep. It never stops the PC from booting, but just wondered whether this was anything to worry about?

    It plays games fine (HL2, Doom 3, Far Cry etc) Should i be worried?


    There are some technical computer forums on the Micro Mart site here (see Forum on the left)

    There are some very techincal guys and they answer very quickly.

    See the "System Builders and Upgraders" forum

    You do have to register but it is very quick.

    Sounds like this might be the problem if you have fan warning set up in the BIOS, if the fan isn't spinning up at a fast enough speed by the time the board goes through POST then you get a long beep that then stops as the fan gets up to speed:…art

    Also this one:…eep

    Original Poster

    ahhhh, that could be it then. Because when i first boot up, and maybe for the first couple of minutes my fan doesnt spin round on the CPU. It only seems to kick in once the CPU gets to 30 degrees, and even then it only goes round (according to bios) at about 300 times a minute, and gets faster the hotter it gets.
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