Is my phone partly blocked by the network, or is it just failing?

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I lost my phone at the start of the year, in a drunken stupor. It was 2-3 years old, and it wasnt even that good to begin with. Nevertheless, I was devastated. I loved that phone (plus it had all my stuff on it). So, after checking everywhere, and asking all my friends, I begrudgingly called the network to report it lost

Fast forward a few miserable hours, and I find it! At home on the kitchen table! So I called the network to get it un-reported and all's good

But after a while, I start to notice that my data connection isn't so fast and drops a lot. Nothing new, per se, but it seems more noticeable. Switching between APNs usually helps speed things up (to over 1Mb/s, which is good round here), but it doesn't last for long

So, I'm wondering, is it possible that my phone is still partly blocked? Maybe because I'd unreported it too soon after reporting it? Crossed wires and all that? Or is it an all-or-nothing thing, and it's just a coincidence that I started to notice the connection problems around that time? I mean, tech does just wear out sometimes, right? I did hammer the data pretty much non-stop for 2-3 years
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Ok. A phone is either blocked or not. That low a speed, are you only on 3G? Does your phone have 4G? All the money is being spent on 4G and 5G now. If you not fit 4G, I would suggest it's time to invest in a new phone.
It could just be they have fiddled with the local mast. Mine only just used to get signal if i was inside my house. Now since 4g i can get 4g in the bathroom, and normal signal on my stairs but no signal anywhere else where i used to before.

Its really easy to copy stuff over from your old mobile to your new mobile theese days. Especially if you backup to the operating systems cloud.
Your phone is not partially blocked, there is no such thing. You can check yourself here for free. To get your IMEI, go to the DIALLING screen and type in *#06#

My phone is doing the same but worse and it's a samsung s8+ that has never been lost, dropped or missed payments. This is my third handset since April 2017, this one was delivered to me in January, so yes, phones do break... sometimes quickly.

Out of interest, what network are you on?
Take out your sim card and put it back in.
Thanks for the replies. The phone is 4g and I've already bought a new, better one. I just want to fix it for sentimental reasons now. I'm on Three and the problem isn't confined to a particular mast. I tried a replacement SIM, didn't make a difference. I'm gonna transfer everything over to the new phone and try a factory reset. From what I've been reading, it's often caused by software and network config issues
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