Is my red ringed xbox 360 worth anything?

    My 360 died last night,its been repaired before by microsoft but now its just over 3 years old by 2 months and dont want to pay for a repair..

    Want to know how much i can ask for it?

    It has a 203w power supply and the build date is 2006-10-04



    chance ur arm with MS n see what they say?

    tell them about ur loyalty to the company and the many games and all the MS branded accessories you have bought for this machine..

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    tried ringing them and you cant get through to a human!
    It keeps telling you to register it online...

    as its over 3 years old, it wont let you do that..

    They are covered for 3 years and 5 months from manufacture if using the online booking repair service from manufacture.

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    thats even worse, means ive missed the repair date by 3 weeks!!


    thats even worse, means ive missed the repair date by 3 weeks!!

    Have you tried calling MS? if the machine is dead you don't seem to have much to lose.

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    yes, just keep talking to a machine


    yes, just keep talking to a machine

    Goto [url][/url] and book a repair. You have to registered it first, but if it is a repair return it may already be registered to you. Have a go online..

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    Thanks guys

    Finally got through to indian call centre

    as its been repaired before you get a 90 day extension to the warranty

    so yay its being repaired....
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