is my router thing dead?

ok, I need a little help. I can't connect to my WLAN nor can anyone else in the house on their consoles, as they could before. The lights have gone off on the router thing but the power is still on!?!


Unplug it at the mains, wait a 10 seconds then plug it back in again. Watch the lights for the next 90 seconds or so. At some point it should put on a bit of a 'light show' (flashing lights), if not it's dead.

Other things to try:
If it's ADSL check the phone line connection (and check the phone itself can still make calls).
If you have an ethernet patch cable use that to connect to the router.

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Hi Nick1austin, I have tried all of those and still nothing. The phone works and I have used a different adapter plug with no joy. Thanks for your advice.

you should still be able to connect to the network (wlan) if the internet is down. If you've done the power-off trick then it's not looking great... Does it still work if you plug the computer/console directly into it with an ethernet cable? That way you might be able to determine if the whole thing has died or just the wireless etc.

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no it doesn't work via the cable either

What is the router?

If it's a BT home hub then check to see if the broadband light is the correct colour as if it's red (on the black hub) it means no broadband signal is being received.

Just remembered, does your ISP have a number you can call as they sometimes turn off broadband to do repairs or upgrades at the local exchange. I know BT has a number that just has an automated voice that lists known network problems at that time.
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so just to confirm then... you can't connect to the network (which is separate from the internet) through either the wireless or wired connection...

Or is it that you can connect to the network but the internet doesn't work?

If the first of these, then yes it sounds like a problem with the router (especially if things were working before). If it's the second then it could well be your ISP...
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