Is my set top box dead?

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Found 7th Dec 2008
Hello, i was just wondering if anyone had a similar problem to this. My set top box lost it's tv guide and now won't update at all. this is very annoying as every time you turn it on from standby it comes up with the message it needs to update but when it tries it just gives up after a few mins. I can watch tv fine with it but cant load the guide so cant program the timers to change channel for recordings. Do you think it is dead or will sort itself out?

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have you tried switching it off properly via the wall socket? If it's … have you tried switching it off properly via the wall socket? If it's still letting you watch ok, then maybe it justs needs a rest, I always switch mine off, otherwise, like you're saying it starts going funny

Yeah i have tried it for about 15 mins and it still had the same problem, i will turn it properly off overnight and see if it helps. They reccomend to leave it on standby mode though don't they so you don't lose the epg.

i read somewhere that some digital boxes wont work in the new digital switchover period, and as they change over all the signals you gradually loose functions and then channels. if you are in the area that has just sstarted swithing over, i think its the Boarders region so far then this might be the case.
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