Is my Siamese Fighter dying!!!!:(

Found 3rd Jan 2008
HI all, if theres any tropical fish keeps on here id appreciate your input.
Ive just noticed my fighter hiding in the cave, that in itself is not normal. Hes such a lively fish normally. He came out for about 10 seconds and he was so pale! his vibrant red was almost gone!!
His fins are clumped and down.
Ive seperated him, was this right?
Hes not new to the tank, had him a while now.
Will try and post a pic now..
Cheers guys, this fighter is my one and Id be so gutted if i lost him.
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Get a picture up, past hobby revisited here!
putting some up now, give me few mins
Suggest you keep him on his own for a while, see how he gets on:thumbsup:
hope he's ok, i googled a pic of a siamese fighter ( never seen one before) and it looks beautiful!
[image missing]

[image missing]

there u go, finally done,
as you can see his belly is swollen as well as loss of colour
The first picure hasn't loaded for me. The discolouration is probably stress, which will either be the problem or a side affect. Any white spots? If the fish has "pine-coned" then it is most likely dropsy.

I noticed you said "This is your one," does that mean you have another in the same tank or near the tank? I doubt it, but worth asking.
Have you tested your water, is your filter OK, temp.
I know they are obvious, but some of the hang on the side water filters, even though though they are cleaned on a regular basis, have failed and caused problems for us in the past.

Having two male fighters in the same tank is a no, no!!
That could cause stress as they constantly battle for dominance to the death in some cases.
Even seperated by a glass partition is not good.
One male with lots of females is fine..... Well in the fish world anyway.

Yes as mentioned before either test the water yourself for ph amonia and nitrates, or take a water sample to a local tropical fish dealer and ask them to test it. Some fish are more senstive to water deterioration than others.

What other fish do you have innthe tank? Maybe your fighter has been fighting with other fish.

Siamese fighters are not the easiest fish to keep and do not live very long. They are quite suspestable to water conditions and water temp variation.

I would check the water temp, this is normal the biggest cause of stress to a siamese fighter. It does sound like he is stressed if his scales are not raised in a pinecone effect or he does do have white spot or velvet deisese.

Isolate him and keep the water temp contant within a few degrees. Just think have you checked the heater is it working correctly. Do you have a therometer in the tank. They prefer 35-30 deg C, less than 25 and they will get stress and be prone to desiese.
elitom has some good advice there.

i used to have three siamese fighters when i was living in south east asia for about a year ... blue purple, deep red + prussian blue, and a turquoise blue green one – fantastic colours. i put them in separate big glass jars, away from heat/sun/magnetic fields and added a floating water plant on top to give it some shade. changed the water once in awhile if it got murky and fed them fish food. low maintenance i'd be tempted to say, but perhaps it's the climate difference. don't discount if the fish experienced trauma from travelling. i remember seeing in the fish shop, they were in different jars separated by a piece of cardboard so they don't see each other. if any white spots on its body or fins most probably it has 'ick', a common fish disease caused by parasite.
I've never managed to keep fighters for any length of time :-(

If you've spearated him I'd keep the watter temp constan t and treat him for stress.

Good luck

Oh just had another though have you added any new fish recently?

hope he's ok, i googled a pic of a siamese fighter ( never seen one … hope he's ok, i googled a pic of a siamese fighter ( never seen one before) and it looks beautiful!

down memory lane here ... dug out some old piccys of my fishes. this is nearly 10 years ago mind you so the quality is a bit pants i'm afraid ... when digital cameras were few and didn't have any manual focus or zoom! sorry only found 'Asimauve' (after Asimov) which is piccy 1 + 2. piccy 3 is of 'Turq' (short for turquoise).…BED
view from top of jar, got some marbles and stones from the beach etc. just managed to get pic of tail.…BED
Asimauve, with fins unfurled.…BED
i had Turq at the office, the turquoise green one - you probably can't see it hiding in the jar with the floating water plant - they seem to thrive under these. the mini aquarium beside, was for transporting my little guppy fish. very basic accomodation for the fighting fish, as you can see ... but they well out-lived the guppies.
Weve done a water test, all were fine, amonia 0 , N02, 0 NO3 10ppm, So nothing wrong with the water. Oh is very carefull with water conditions. We have him in a breeding tank now. We dont have another fighter in the tank.. We added 2 new fish before xmas, dwarf gouramis. Which weve had before and the fighter doesnt seem bothered with them. Hes going to the top for air and has a little more of his red colour back. Hes not feeding still.
Hi all,Quick update,Siamese Fighter is still not eating, laying limp,scales are now flaking off and it looks like hes bleeding under the skin.Like burst blood vessels. Im treating him for dropsy but it dont seem to be working.
oh **** nutta I think he's on the way put. Could have been soemthing your other fish brought in that he was susceptable to???

I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya
What are you treating him with exactly?

Have you tried Myxazin? It's quite broad spectrum and without a definite diagnosis may be the best course of action. It does sound to be bacterial.
Not kept tropical fish for a while but, check the filter because it needs to pump lots of air into the water

Not kept tropical fish for a while but, check the filter because it needs … Not kept tropical fish for a while but, check the filter because it needs to pump lots of air into the water

In light of Soupy's post beneath me, I wish to edit my post.

[soupydon'tlook]Siamese fighting fish are in a group of fishes known as labyrinth fishes, they possess a lung type organ which allows them to breath air.[/soupycanlooknow] Plus she has cecked the water and all other fish seem fine. This post is more to show off random knowledge. My guess is the fish has either been given a nip or opened a wound on it's body somehow, which has led to a bacterial infection.
Thanks, for reminding me about tropical fish groups Jdeal, but not needed really

I mean check that the filter is pumping enough air into the tank, NOT only the PH balance of water, as less oxygen is held in water the higher the temperatures.
i think your right JD,i noticed that the new dwarf gourami was following it about annoyingly.Maybe he nipped him as even now with the fighter in a breeding tank the gourami keeps harassing it and trying to nip at it through the plastic.
I dont think its anything weve done or not done, well at least i hope not, id be mortified.
The set up is ,Flu Val 2 plus, and we got a neutra fin co2 unit.
Were treating the fish with interpet no9.
I dont know whether its cruel to keep him like this, he could be suffering so much.
fingers crossed for the little fella.
Hi all
Thought i would update you
My siamese fighter died today.
Thanks for all your advice
Have you been to a vet?
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