Is Nick Grey of Gtech doing anyone else's head in?

Posted 22nd May 2016
If I see another advert for this bloke's stuff, I'm gonna go MENTAL.
Have you seen the price of his stuff? And it only seems that the Daily Mail has anything good to say about it.
'Enough power to clean your house twice'. That's the quote about how long the cleaner lasts. You should see my house with my hairy dogs, I've got no chance.
And have you been on his site for the Gtech bike? It just adds stuff if you don't deselect the stuff like lights, helmets.
Looking forward to the online reviews of his new lawnmower cos it looks like a right ropey piece of ****. There was probably better constructed plastic in the late Joan River's face.
What do you all think?

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On the GTECH bike -it adds those extras because they are FREE ! Seems like a good EBike for the money (£995) , as it doesn't look like a 1950s moped as most of them do . The battery Li is in the waterbottle holder - so all in all seems a good deal .

If the "FREE" stuff they added to your basket really annoys you I'm sure they would remove the "FREE " stuff if you emailed them and asked them nicely oO . Takes all sorts
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I have to say; my m-i-law bought me their Hoover, the rechargeable £80ish one, and it's awesome.
I think it's a long time that I've actually watched more than a few seconds of an advert. Let's hope those days don't return
I've both the hoovers mini and normal gtech and there brilliant
I'm such an advertisers dream, I love all these flashy infomercials late at night, these G-Tech product adverts all remind me of them. Very tempted by the vacuum cleaner! I will add I once bought the JML Classic Pen Set because the advert showed the fountain pen being pierced straight through a can of Coke. Obviously I tried it. Ink and Coke everywhere; pen absolutely knackered.
in case anyone is interested GTECH are made by Bissell and they sell exactly same model for half the price it is called Bissell Air Ram check it out
Hi I work at Gtech. Just for the record, the Lawnmower gets great reviews and rogparki is right only free extras are added on the ebike. At Gtech we design and manufacture the AirRam ourselves. We sell it to Bissell for some countries because we are a small company and do not have many distributors outside the UK.
Gtechs are a revolution in vacuum cleaning - Ive got both. However, who does the border collie belong to in the ad?
The most annoying adverts on TV and repeated so often on ITV and Ch 4 it drives me nuts. I would never buy Gtec, even if they were more reasonably priced, because they annoy me so much - even worse than the Go Compare campaign.
At least he doesn't say '2 undred paaands' anymore, it's either dubbed out or he's had the same English lessons I had when I was 11...
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