Is Nintendo Wii HD compatible

    Can anyone tell me if the Wii is HD compatible like the 360 and PS3 is?


    By special I think he means component cables

    which you can get from play asia from under £6 but don't know if that includes postage, and the cable itself is third party meaning its not made by microsoft <... meant nintendo but been up since and done an shift so brain is switched to autopilot atm>

    I think you mean Nintendo

    It's not fully HD - only 480....

    isnt there talk of a firmawer upgrade possibly in the future to allow it to do 720p/1080i ?

    I may well be chatting crap

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    Thanks,I think my partner will be wiring a cable to make it best he can then.We have a look on YesAsia and on eBay etc.


    isnt there talk of a firmawer upgrade possibly in the future to allow it … isnt there talk of a firmawer upgrade possibly in the future to allow it to do 720p/1080i ?I may well be chatting crap

    Nope - from the outset Nintendo have been clear the Wii was not going to be HD compatible, it's likely it would need additional hardware for HD support.


    Q: Can Wii do high-definition graphics?

    A: Technically, it's possible, but it's also implausible. Wii is more powerful than Xbox, a console whose library included a handful of games that ran in 720p HD. Furthermore, Wii features a multi-audio/video port with the option for component out, meaning that 480p through 720p/1080i resolutions are attainable, at least where wiring is concerned. However, due to both a miniscule amount of system RAM and less computing power when compared to HD-ready consoles like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the chance that most Wii games will break the 480p visual barrier is slim.

    In fact, Nintendo executives have gone so far as to comment on the record that Wii does not support high-definition. The company wants Wii to be "quiet, small and affordable," and has thus focused its attention on the system's innovative new controller.

    Nintendo's leaders have indicated that high-definition graphics are the future. But unlike Sony and Microsoft, which believe that the "HD era" has begun, the Big N asserts that widespread HD adoption will take years. The company's successor to Wii will support high-definition visuals.

    Q: Does Wii support Dolby Digital audio?

    A: No. Wii does not feature an optical output and therefore no support for the Dolby Digital surround sound standard. Like GameCube, Wii's audio output consists of left/right analog channels that simulate surround sound using the Dolby Pro Logic II matrix. Most, if not all Wii games will run in Dolby Pro Logic II. That noted, due to the increased storage capacity of Wii discs and in turn the ability for developers to include less compressed audio files, games on Nintendo's new generation system should sound crisper than those on GameCube.
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