Is NordVPN reliable anymore?

Posted 14th Nov
As you guys know Black Friday is coming and we'd have lots of discount on VPNs.. I am using PIA but thinking to change my VPN. Nord looking decent but there are so much rumors about there server hacks ..

Should I move for it or sticking with PIA is good or any other suggestion..?
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Hi, let me know what you find
I use it and it has never not worked but the "hack" caused a bit of a stir.

If you order go through quidco/tcb as the rates are usually amazing.
Could always consider the total £12 lifetime VPN Unlimited sub, even if only as a come-in-handy…483
Is any vpn totally secure? Whatever you use, you pay your money and take your chances. You can only go their own advertising, and no - one ever seeks themselves short (except maybe the 'OK Diners', that's really self effacing).
The nord vpn hack was one third party server, no info was leaked or accessed.
Just renewed for another 3 years with NordVPN. Been with them for 3 years already after moving away from PIA. Mainly that Nord isnt in the 14 eyes which PIA is which his a huge bonus for anyone looking for a VPN.

That "Hack" was blown so far out of proportion, it was a 3rd party issue that anyone on that server, whith any service, would have also faced but what was thier reaction?…ch/

They are going to going to use RAM, instead of disk servers which would be amazing.

I say give it a go, see how it works for your day to day on what you use and judge for yourself. I think they do a money back thingy too?

Heres the deal someone posted yesterday:…429
Does anyone have more trouble using Nord when you're connected to a UK server, than connecting to any other countries servers? (assuming you're in the UK to start with).
Most of the time it generates IP addresses that sites can "read" i.e. YouTube says it's busy when trying to watch on video.
Download links don't work via multi-hosters.
Switching to another country instantly fixes the problem.
Have used it for several years. Most reliable VPN I have had. Usually a few deals on the net if you search. If you want to watch BBC when abroad, you may need to try a few of their server options before you get one that will work.
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