Is NTL becoming good service provider?

    Ordered NTL broadband and telephone service on Monday. Got call from their sales rep on Tuesday. Today it was installed! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them coming to install... They had to dig through pavement, lift bricks on my patio, etc... They had 5 (that's right, five!) people working on it!

    Are they changing from NT Hel L to something better? :confused: Or are they really THAT desperate to get any new customers?


    Hehe sounds quite an experience

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    Yeah... I was their customer two years ago and was ready for endless excuses and unanswered calls. But get NTL installed next day??? I am still in shock.

    I agree with that I've been with them a while and next day connections weren't even imagined! Least they only needed to dig into a bit of a lawn for ours

    I've been consistently overcharged, been made promises and outright lied to!

    Currently asking about 2 direct debits they have taken from my account while I have a £50.57 credit on my account due refunds for previous bodges.

    Told they can't refund the money will give more credit - I told them that was illegal under the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme...

    Being transferred to Disconnections :x

    Phone call now 27 minutes... using inclusive minutes not 0845

    N T HELL lives on :roll:

    They won't extend cable to our area!! It comes as far as Blackpool then stops, despite that fact that at least 50,000 people probably live on this side of where the cable area ends.

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    That was my experience in the past. They owed me 70 quid but still took money every month.

    Oh and joy of getting red bills stating "you owe us £0.00 and if you won't pay that immediately we will pass it to debt collection agency"!

    Today I had to call'em - they promised £10 off first bill for everyone who order connection off their website. However, they "forgot" to take it off my bill. The wait was no longer than 2 minutes and situation was resolved (hopefully) in another two minutes.

    We'll see how it goes...

    After a fruitless conversation with 'Customer Relations' (disconnections) about different billing systems - 30 days notice given to terminate my account!

    Now to find another phone and broadband supplier...

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    I can recommend Zen as a broadband provider - excellent customer service but a bit more expensive than competition. As to telephone - BT with privacy pack (free if you make 1 call per quater) and 1899/18185/1866 for calls.
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