Is o2 Broadband any good?

    would like some advice on o2 broadband and their offers also some feedback on their speeds download/upload and their connection uptime.
    also their router is it any good?


    best price, best service, best company.

    Had a few issues with their routers but it may be my pc!

    Ive been wondering about changing to O2 broadband from BT.
    Their offer of £70 Quidco cashback is tempting too.

    really good value

    I'm with Be, which i belive is a part of o2.

    I'm on their value package - £14 a month but was half price for four months.

    8mb connection speed and i have been connected at roughly 7mb for the whole duration, upload is nearing 1mb.

    The router does everything i want, i connect wirelessly to both my PC and Laptop, connect to a 360 and an original xbox with a cable, never had trouble streaming videos or using live. I download a lot of stuff and have never had any problems whatsoever, definitely sign up!!

    I also believe o2 offer discount if you're an o2 customer, plus quidco was ridiculously high a couple of weeks ago

    HTH - If you want refering to Be, let me know!!


    best price, best service, best company.Had a few issues with their … best price, best service, best company.Had a few issues with their routers but it may be my pc!

    I have to completely agree, also lots of offers out there like quidco, free arsenal shirt(if your a goooner), cheaper deals for o2 mobile phone customers etc

    O2 all the way ... we dumped orange then ukonline very happy with O2 fastest up speed than most getting 1.2meg up most are 512kb or 768kb up .. super for gaming..
    O2 kept us updated all the way even txt on the morning saying box coming and it did .. router is ok not great on range but ok in the house and most of garden .. which is fine for us no freeloaders :P if they get past wep
    and the router auto firewalls 360 and torrent sites ..happy

    £12.50 standard customer O2 mobile customers including prepay £7.50 goto website they send your a code by txt to get cheap rate

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    im with orange im paying £20 a month for 8meg but only receive 2meg (if im lucky). i get a phoen line as well with free calls to 01 and 02 numbers. but their service is S*** (get connected to india each time i call) and too expensive plus the VAT is not cut down as i have just read in a thread which is illegal and is the final straw.

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    the only thing about orange which is good is that i can print wirelessly with their router, can i do this with o2?

    its not illegal ...where customers are used to seeing only the VAT-inclusive price, it would be relatively easy for you to keep your prices at the same level as they were before the VAT reduction, meaning an extra 2.5 per cent of profit added straight to your bottom line.

    This is not what the Chancellor intended but it is perfectly legal and, in these difficult times, is likely to be a course of action taken by many businesses.

    full link here :…tml

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    they are allowed to keep the 2.5% but but they need to tell us that our broadband price has changed as i am contracted to pay a certain amount each month.…the

    o2 Broadband is fine, the best customer service ive had from any company in a long while. Based in the Uk and answer the phone really quickly.
    I'd definitely recommend

    I'm very happy with it, just changed a month ago from bt - I was paying £14.99 a month now I pay £7.50ish and got £60 cashback (they are currently offering £70)

    I called them initially to get some info on setting up my own router instead of using thiers and they were very helpful - all has been working fine since I got it setup.


    I am on Orange and have had a couple of problems in the past but that all stopped when i was given a Netgear router and it hasnt missed a beat in the past year,I get 4mb and it only costs me £5 per month so staying where i am,Had a look at O2 but they say i am too far from exchange to get broadband even though i explained i am getting 4 already lol

    ive been with o2 now for 8 months.
    Customer service is excellent, speed , im on 8meg but am getting nearly 14 meg download speeds, but I am close to the exchange. £7.50 a month because i top up £10 every 3 months on o2 mobile. Great overall...highly recomended

    Posted this info in another thread but is relevant here also.
    Ordered standard 8Mbps on 4th Jan. Everything delivered and running today 8th Jan. Using wireless G router from one side of semi-detached house to the other connected to an Apple iMac and iPod Touch with no problems. Too early to say about reliability but my brothers SKY ADSL connection was very reliable. This O2 router appears very similar.

    Mbps = mega bits per second
    KB/s = kilo bytes per second
    MB/s = mega bytes per second
    8 bits = 1 byte
    so 8 Mbps = 1 MB/s

    Previously I had Virgin/NTL Cable Modem @2Mbps. The fastest speed was approx 250KB/s.

    O2 Broadband checker told me I could get up to 18Mbps. I chose the 8Mbps package. I tested the speed today and got over 1MB/s :-D

    Basically don't use the filter before a telephone extension lead if you connect your O2 router to this lead, it will filter out the ADSL signal and seriously reduce the speed.

    Set up as below if you use an extension lead.

    BT landline socket -> telephone extension lead -> filter -> telephone & O2 router


    7.34gbp a month for 8mb connection

    get ursen a o2 sim card or ask to use a friends to get that rate

    free wirelesss router and 70 cash back from uidco paid in round about 2 months

    superb service

    o2 is great, no probs so far been with them for two months, very fast downloads


    Couple of questions..

    1. How many Laptops/PCs can be connected to O2 wireless router...
    How many wireless connections..? How many ethernet connections..? Sky do have 4 simaltanious connections i think. How many connections possible with O2..??

    2. How much time O2 will take to get connection..? Do I have to give 1 month notice to SKY though my contact expired last yearwith them....?? Any one switched from SKY to O2 easily..?

    Please let me know..
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