Found 5th Jan
just wondering if the game is good? mate offered it me for £20 but it's online only isn't it?

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Pretty sick nasty if you ask me. Definitely worth 20 quid in my opinion.

Have you tried to download a demo ? also is good for reviews.

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didn't know where was a demo?

Yes. Get it. Only played six hours since just before Christmas but games are only up to 20 minutes so easy to dip in without losing days like other Blizzard games

My game of last year. Good for short twenty minute bursts, but it is super addictive so you can easily sink hours into it. Took me a while to get used to it but once you find a couple of heroes you like then you'll love it.

One of the best games released last year. It is online only so if that's not for you then avoid it, but I have it for PC and XB1 and I enjoy playing it most days.

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yeh only downside I'm crap at online

It's a great game that's pretty well balanced. If you suck at shooting people then be a medic and run round behind them healing them up. Once you learn the maps and have an idea with a couple of characters what you're doing then it should all fall into place - I've found the community pretty friendly as well

There's (currently) 23 different characters all of which have different moves. Even if you're not good at other shooter games you are bound to have someone you'll enjoy playing.

I'm not a very good dps player so I fill the healer role, if you fancy swinging a hammer as opposed to shooting a gun then you have Reinhardt with his massive shield to protect team mates. If you're not accurate with shooting then you have characters like Lucio, Winston, Symmetra and a few others who you'll still get a few kills with.

Its excelent. Best game of 2016, built to last a decade in terms of support, modes, maps and heroes

Yeah, it's well worth 20 quid. It's a really fun addictive shooter. I wouldn't say it was the best game of last year but it was certaining up there.

Its defo worth 20 pound. Specially as they are always updating it with new maps and characters. It took me a bit to get into it but I'm really enjoying it.

its very good, obviously you need to like 1st person shooters though.
its fast and fluid with really well balanced characters when all's considered.
In my opinion its like the grandchild of unreal tournament/quake with the graphics of a cartoon
The pc version is optimised incredibly well, so even the older gpus run it at a good fps.
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