Is (indirectly) selling counterfeit games?

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Found 10th May 2010
There's 2 sellers listing the new Pokemon games on I have a suspicion they might be fake though. I'd like a second opinion though.

DS games work on all versions of the console. One way to tell if it's fake is when the seller says not compatible with DSi. There's more protection on it so a pirated game won't work. The Playtrade seller also doesn't have the Pokewalker with the game or even a box or manual. There's two different sellers listing like that (one with 18 positive feedbacks and a new seller called 'UKSALES' based in Malta).

So does anyone have experience with playing Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver on a DSi to say whether they work or not?

The page is:…b=0


I wouldnt bother buying from Playtrade.

probably fakes

playtrade are dodgy

they also allow touts to sell tickets for inflated prices

Yes pokemon heartgold and soulsilver both work on the dsi

The only DS games that won't work in DSi are ones which require a GBA slot addon like Guitar hero DS.

Everything else will work in DSi no problem.

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It looked suspicious but I also thought Play would have enough experience to notice it. I would have told them but I'm not calling their phone number and they don't give an email address.

There's no point in me buying a counterfeit game when I could get the same thing by sticking the rom on a mini sd in a flash card for less. I want to get hold of the game legally with the pokewalker. It's always around £30 though. :-( I guess I'll wait.
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