Is plus net being fair?

    Home move - terms are something like you can pay £65 to move your broadband deal to the current house or start a new contract and avoid the fee.

    I've been the told the new contract is for 24 months, £5 per month going up to £10 after 12 months plus full line rental throughout. I would have thought the new deal would be similar to what I'm on, 12 months free broadband with full line rental.

    Do they literally just charge whatever they want, as people will try and avoid the move charge?


    Work out the cheapest way of keeping your service and just do that.

    I wouldn't expect Plusnet to cover the administration and costs of me choosing to move house.

    In the overall cost of moving house, is £65 that bad? It cost me just under £17k to move house a few years back, £65 is nothing.
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    Your moving house, spending money and everyone wants a cut!

    I read somewhere that if you tell them you are moving to Kingston upon Hull that they will have to fully cancel your contract with no fees as there is NO BT line there. Hull their own telephone network .look it up on google

    How long have you been with them? When I moved with them a couple of years ago, I was required to take an 18 month contract for the move to be free, but I had exceeded my original 12 month contract term at the time. I think it's reasonable that they rope you in to a contract that is long enough so as to make it worth it for them to absorb the move cost. It might be that your 24 month offer is just that + what you have left on your existing contract.

    As for whether £65 is fair, I guess you'd have to ask them what it covers. There's a cessation fee of £30 for stopping a service on a line, which you'd have to pay if you left even if you were out of contract. I think plusnet typically absorb a £25 activation fee for new contracts, but they might charge this to you for the new property. So that's £55 that *could* be accounted for reasonably.

    I'd add up the cost and see whether it's worth you staying vs. leaving. If you leave, I expect you'll have to pay the cessation fee + the rest of your contract as a lump sum, but it might be worth it to go with another companies deal for new customers (or at least use it as leverage for a better deal from plusnet).

    Two questions I see.

    Is plus net being fair? Maybe not - just a matter of opinion unless in the small print of your existing contract it says something quite different than what they are now offering.

    Your second question?
    Do they literally just charge whatever they want, as people will try and avoid the move charge?
    In short, they charge you whatever you agree to and whatever the terms and conditions you agree to. You are of course free to shop around, use any quotes in negotiations with plusnet and others, and ultimately take your business elsewhere.
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