Found 18th Feb 2009

I've just been on the Quidco site to check my account and a nosy at the offers. All of which works nice & bonny.

However when I try clicking any (and I mean any - tried 20+) merchants I just get the following. Also tried with IE and Firefox...

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Payment_Out_DAO::get_cashback_percentage() in /home/admin/domains/…php on line 46

Is anyone else having trouble or know if there is site maintenance due... Or what the bloomin' heckers the above might mean?

Cheers folks!!!

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Same here...

Original Poster


Same here...

So it's not justme?!?

I'm guessing it's maitenance then... Hopefully!

Cheers chipsticks

Same for me

Paul better get his finger out, time is money....

it looks like they updated file rate.php (e.g. changed the rate of cashback for a merchant) but messed it up

its a php error thats showing ..... probably missing a ; which is most common php error :lol:

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Like I'm worrying wow ££0.29 payment awaiting, anyone checked the Alan P … Like I'm worrying wow ££0.29 payment awaiting, anyone checked the Alan Partridge clan? Please add, AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

23p? I'm guessing there should have only been 1 £sign there? I'd be worried as well!

Not even thought to look at mine... Ooer missus:?…ems is the contact page to report "problems"

gonna pm admin here too ...... just to he sees it

quidco works fine for me


quidco works fine for me

its been fixed

Original Poster

Yep... All up & running.

Cheers all!
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