Is RAC membership worth getting to get discount at Holiday Inn?

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Found 22nd Sep 2008

I was wondering if any one could let me know how good of a deal the 25% off Holiday Inn (et al) is with RACsmiles. Is the price off the best available non-refundable room rate on the web or their standard refundable rate?

At the moment, the room is £52 (Advance Purchase), so this would come down to £39 with 25% off. However, if I can only get the standard £65 (Best Flexible Rate), this would only come down to £48.75, so only saving £3.25 on the Advance Purchase rate. So if someone could tell me what is possible, that would be great.

Am considering using £14.25 in Tesco Clubcard Vouchers to get RAC Roadside, then using RAC smiles to book a room. May use a few times during the year as well.

I don't have any breakdown cover at the moment so it's really an added bonus to get that while reducing the cost of stays away.

Any help greatly appreciated!


I always get the RAC deal through Tesco just for breakdown cover & if you drive regularly, surely you need that cover esp for only £14 odd in clubcard vouchers - I would say any extra deal you get are a bonus ... the only extra I've ever had with RAC is they do a discount at one of the service stations with them, so you get like 10% in the shop & coffee etc, but cant remember which one it is right now ... :oops:

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Thanks for your message Laffy. I've driven 3 different cars since I started driving over 10 years ago and luckily I've not had a breakdown yet ('though have had a puncture and run out of petrol once!). But yeah, for only £14 in Clubcard vouchers it's probably got to be worth it.

I did notice a way to find out more about the deals on their website, basically by pretending I'm an RAC insurance holder and using the code RACDI0809 to register. Unfortunately, it's like I thought: you can only get the discount against the best flexible rate, and that offer ends on 31 October anyway.
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