is racism prevalent in ibiza?

Found 10th Mar 2013
I'm looking to go on a lads holiday to ibiza. I'm 17 and Indian, and my dad has a few concerns about racism in ibiza. he thinks I'll "get my head kicked in by drunkards." Is this likely?
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Unfortunately your dad could be right.
Nope, I'm sure you'll be fine.
You could get your head kicked in by drunkards anywhere
Anywhere you could get battered regardless of what you are.
but will i be targeted more because of my skin colour?

but will i be targeted more because of my skin colour?

I would say no because many people different people from all over the world go to Ibiza.
go ibiza every year for last 20 see loads of off all different races cultures am sure you will be fine is a great place
I used to work there you will be fine, there is more black people than white people over there. You get people from all races there its an amazing place to go!
Have you tried london?
I've not been but I would say it's no more dangerous than going out in London on a night out. I'm sure you'll be fine, but of course you are going to get idiots no matter where you go. As mentioned before, Ibiza will be full of people from all over the world.
dont go then simple!!!!! go to turkey its cheap enough or you want the girls to lick xxx
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