Is Rockband For The Wii Any Good?


    I've been offered the Rockband stuff for the Wii to play with whilst my Aunt is away on holiday. From what I've seen it's not as good as the PS3/Xbox versions and is very much like the PS2 version?!

    I've never played it though I do have Guitar Hero and it's pretty good - what do you all think of it?! Thanks


    guitar hero world tour is good but exept from the drums broke and i had to return it

    Don't forget that with the wii band you need a remote for each instrument including the microphone.
    It's a bit of a cop out I feel as you have to shell out enough for the set already, then to be required to buy more remotes? Not cool.

    Guitar Hero ftw!

    Rock Band is good on 360/PS3 but has been downgraded for the Wii. There is no online modes, single player is only half whats on the other consoles and you cannot use Guitar Hero instruments with it.

    Rock Band 2 looks like it's going to be the same as the 360/PS3 versions, so looks like they've learnt from their mistakes.
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