Is Royal Culture Website trust worthy and authentic?

Posted 10th Jul
do they sell authentic and real stuff? any one ordered from them before?

talking about this site:…e=3
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The real one is authentic, but the cloned one really is not.
JawadAli10/07/2020 00:28

Which one is? I'm talking about this site : …Which one is? I'm talking about this site :

Any one is.
Although the website was registered in 2014, the website does not give any contact details, registered address or phone number. They mention import duties but nowhere does it state from which country they’re being shipped from. When I buy online I like to know the company I’m giving my money to and have faith in their returns and refunds policy and in this case there are too many hoops and get out clauses to go through.
trainers at £200,£300,£400,£500 and £600

at those prices definately avoid
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