Is shooting stars coming back for good to the BBC?

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Found 2nd Jan 2009
The one-off was quite good

But does anyone know if they'll be bringing it back for a full series?

Hoping they do

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Hope so- It was well funny.

No sign of it in the schedules - I guess not. But what the **** was that woman from the One Show doing on there?

I thought they could have had some better guests

The review show was awesome!

The A-Team sketch made me chuckle...good times


I loved Vic & Bob when I was a teenager. I thnk they are funny is you are about 15-19 years old. Any older than that and you begin to appreciate more sophisticated humour...

I really hope it gets another series. I thought the special was brill. I loved vic and bob in my teens and now im a bit older i stil apreciate their comedy, but in a different way. No matter how old you get, they are still hilarious


meh... I didnt think it was that great tbh....

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