Is a reputable site?

Found 24th Apr 2011
I have never heard or used them before, i just want to clear it with you guys before i order as i dont want fakes again.

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looks legit-uk address,uk contact telephone number-if in any doubt,call the number to verify.
They are fine... They have stores throughout the UK. I have used them many time before for some very exclusive trainers
I think it's owned by the JD sports group, stores all over the place.

They opened at midnight in Market St for the launch of Adidas Manchester trainers, sold out in an hour.
Part of jd sports group ranging the high end trainers and accessories
Get the label is also a jd sports clearance site
100% legit, usually best shop for 'sneaks' on the high street

EDIT - just noticed how old. Mega necro, bizzarre
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