Is something wrong with my finger...

    Really exciting topic this one......

    I bent it really far back about a month ago - didn't think much of it. Couldn't move it to well for a couple of days but then it was OK.

    I can move it well now - only differences are - when I straighten my fingers it's easier for my little finger to be a little limp! And...when I clench my fist it hurts/pressure is applied to the side of it.....

    It's nothing major, just a bit annoying....


    Yes, something is wrong with it. See a Dr.

    Thread closed.

    probably still bruised, im certain that ive broken a finger before and jut put it down to being bruised, punched somebody with my fist not properly clenched, itl heal eventually, if u start to worry bout it, go to the doctor, theyl b able to tell u from looking at it


    Yes, something is wrong with it. See a Dr.Thread closed.


    might be slightly broken or a chipped bone....not really much you can do for it tbh two and ice lolly stick either side and sum tape to keep them on save a trip to the drs!! (Y)

    Not not likely to be any type of fracture. Hyperextension injury, more likely damage to ligament or tendon. This won't show up on an X Ray.

    Does not sound very important but it can become a lot worse so make appt with GP. IMO needs to be assessed by orthopaedic specialist, so go back to GP if it does not get any better over the next few weeks.

    You can also go to a Walk in Centre but they cannot refer you to orthopaedics so you will need to go via the GP anyway, if it is not improving

    I did something like this a few years back and it took ages to get completely better. there was nothing broken, but the tendond were over-stretched. It looked like there as a little lump for nearly a year and doc told me these injuries take ages. Also, because you use your hands all the time it is so noticeable that it is not completely like it was before.

    No two injuries are the same, has to be checked out
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