Is storage wars rigged

Found 31st Dec 2012
Iv got into watching storage wars on the history channel around the same time as watching Pawn stars and find it a good show


i cant help but feel this programme is rigged, yes some of the people paying a lot for a locker and end up with a loss but i cannot believe that they find some of the items i list now in a poxy locker

Stieff *spelling* bear
Casino chips
Old collectors coins

on a episode last night Barry bought a locker for 2.50 dollars it had a chest of draws in it and 2 old baby seats. he opens the draws and finds 4 bottles in it used to catch flies over 100 years old, these end up being worth over 2,000 dollars

im sorry but these items have to be fake nobody would leave these
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I always thought it was like Dog the bounty hunter and operation repo etc. like based on real events but dramatised for the show.
They would leave them if they croaked it.
I always thought it was fake, no one would leave valuables in storage and lose the locker. Have you noticed how valuable stuff is hidden away. Most lockers would be full of junk and the arguments are obviously staged.
All American "reality" TV is fake, most of the shows even admit it.
Forgetting you phone I a taxi is not the same as storing a Harley Davidson and forgetting its there.
They're all rigged Pawnstars/Ricks restoration/American pickers/Storage wars.

Ive seen the same items appear in different shows in different settings.
In 1 episode of Pawnstars...Ricks brother of "Ricks restoration" sells Rick of Pawnstars an old coke machine(they pretend they don't know each other) after Rick of Pawnstars buys it he takes it to Ricks restoration!!

Definitely rigged. Watched a similar show on Dave load of crap. Waste of TV signal.
i suppose if someone owes the storage company over 5000 dollars in rent thats one reason they would just up and go leaving it all

still a great show tho
how annoying is this bloke and his rap style auctioning lol


They are rigged or made more dramatic

However storage units are very common in the US and if people don't pay their rent for a period of around 60-90 days then the owner is allowed to auction them.
.... Especially as they would write to you to pay the bill for storage.
in new series darrell sheets gets a locker that had old sports stuff in he sells something for 300k and gives the rest back to the sports star brother
just googled storage wars meme

some funny pics man

can someone post the barry one about the saddle *think it was 2nd or 3rd pic on google images*

just googled storage wars memesome funny pics mancan someone post the … just googled storage wars memesome funny pics mancan someone post the barry one about the saddle *think it was 2nd or 3rd pic on google images*

[image missing]

i was just about to post about me waiting for the episode where they find a dead body

then i read this

Darrell Sheets - "The Gambler" (Season 1-present): Sheets, a storage auction veteran from San Diego, appears alongside his son, Brandon. His catchphrase is "This is the WOW factor!" and he makes the occasional malapropism. He makes his living by selling items from his purchased lockers at swap meets. In the beginning of the series, he lived with his wife, son and young granddaughter, Zoe. He has divorced, and moved (with Brandon) to North Hollywood, where he works out of his new warehouse. In an interview, Sheets indicated that some of his biggest finds in lockers included a sizable comic book collection, four drawings by Pablo Picasso, and a letter written by Abraham Lincoln that sold for over $15,000.[10] In "Unlocked: Sell High", Darrell revealed that he once found a plastic-wrapped human corpse in a storage locker. It was determined that the previous owner of the locker had murdered his wife and left her in the unit.

I don't mind that the shows are rigged, as long as the discussed history behind items on something like Pawn Stars isn't a load of tripe. The thing that annoys me with Storage Wars however, is the way that the 'scores' are reached. They make their own valuations on what the stuff is worth and they just pluck figures out of mid-air!!!! I'd be more interested to know what they actually make instead of these wild estimates.

There's a new Storage Wars series starting tomorrow in the US, for any fans of the show. Storage Wars: New York will presumably find its way over here a bit later in 2013. I'll reserve judgment, as I absolutely hated the people in 'Texas'!!!!


Got to love a bit of Brandi
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on wikipedia says storage wars uk will hit here start of 2013

so thatl be fun

yeah i dont like the texas one either its like pawn stars i really dislike cajun pawn stars
Load of crap but we still watch it
i cant stand dave he is so annoying
Barry Weiss is just a legend! He's the only one worth watching. Brandi and Jarrod always claiming poverty, yet they are on $1000's and $1000's per episode!

Barry for president!
we like barry he reminds us of david lee roth



i cant stand dave he is so annoying



yeah thats one reason
Another good one is Auction Hunters, that has got to be fake.
Love auction hunters. Ton is a beast
still watching this

athere is some random bloke in an argentina shirt who has started to appear he bids by squeezing a rubber chicken WTF lol
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