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    is tbere a better deal than £10 for 2gb a month for 12 months with tesco

    s £10 per month for 2 gb of data for 12 months a good deal from tesco retentions, any alternatives


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    hi all was gonna move from tesco to id mobile on a 5gb £10 30 day rolling sim (black friday) but cant get a signal in work with them, Tesco retentions just offered £10 for 2gb on a 12 month deal (but id really prefer not being tied in) has anyone any good options , prob need to be tesco , o2 ,gift gaff etc cos of signal requirements thanks in advance

    Yeah there was a post where Three are offering 30GB of data with 200 mins and unlimited texts for £15 a month.

    Do you have BT infinity?

    I have 6gb data and various minutes etc for £12.50. Was on their site recently.


    like all phone plans depends on what your needs are, and personally resorts on signal, (since in with and have been with id mobile for over a year now, and no issues on single at all, ofc my plan wouldnt suit many here 500mb data *never use it* 500 mins and 5000 texts for £4 pcm)

    the three plan posted above is good if you need the extra 28GB pcm, if not then tescos is cheaper (more so since i think they currently offer better cashback)

    tho as i said its up to what it personally needed for you, best you can do is work out how much data mins and text you need a month, than when you have targets to look for shop by price
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    Plusnet 2gb on offer atm £7.50. Only 30 day contract too. 1000 minutes and unlimited texts

    Plusnet can also cap the contract too

    Giffgaff also run on o2 and do the same GB for the same money - but you are not tied to a 12 month contract, you do it by the month, using their GoodyBag system.

    However, they drop the included minutes from 500 to 100, or you can keep the 500 minutes and pay £12.

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    Thanks guys , I think actually tesco may have offered 4gb for £10 when I phoned yesterday then 2gb today , must depend on who you speak to etc

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    Do you have BT infinity?

    My parents have bt internet


    My parents have bt internet

    If they have infinity you can get the BT discounted deals on their website - they are sim only though

    Got that deal on EE - much better network.

    Plusnet 1500 mins 5000 texts and 4gb data £10

    don't forget £3pm rebate if you install their Xtras app.


    Plusnet 1500 mins 5000 texts and 4gb data £10

    Yeah, but you'll use most of those trying to get through to tech support when it goes AoT.

    (My PN record = 94 minutes and a hang up, I dont have a shortest, because I NEVER got through, in 3 days of trying)
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