Is Teflon air fryers really that dangerous!?

Posted 12th Aug 2022 (Posted 2 h, 8 m ago)
Just purchased a Gourmia air fryer and read up that it has teflon. Continued to read up where people were saying scratched Teflon is really dangerous. Surely this wouldn’t be the case in products in this day and age?
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    IIRC Teflon itself is fine (it's famously non-reactive), the issue is that some of the adhesives used to bond teflon to metal pans would degrade into potentially dangerous stuff when exposed to high temperatures (hence the worry about scratches).

    Teflon (PTFE) itself is used in lots of things, for exampling the joints between drinking water pipes in a house are commonly sealed with teflon.

    I don't know how hot air fryers get so it could be a non-issue, but there are also alternative bonding chemicals for teflon coatings these days. (edited)
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    Where are you reading that Teflon is dangerous? I'm fairly certain it used to be dangerous, but I think they changed that?

    I would suggest getting some silicone utensils instead of metal ones, which would prevent scratches anyway. (edited)
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    I *think* it is or was a forever chemical so once ingested it builds up and up and causes......? Something. There was a mark ruffalo film about them last year maybe. It was really good.

    But anyway. I don't know and maybe a Google may help?
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    Some of the chemicals that were used in the production of teflon are very carcinogenic - big lawsuits around a us dupont plant.
    I've not seen any evidence of body absorbtion of telfon though. Sure its another crap chemical though.
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