is tesco cancelling ur black Friday orders

    I ordered Sony bravia series 42 " smart TV when it was in stock. n today was the day of delivery n called up CS to inquire why no delivery n apparently was told the site showed many items in stock when in warehouse it was the opposite. hence cancelling some 800 plus orders n refunding the money. Any one with similar fate :-(

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    That's not just a black Friday thing, it'a a standard any day of the week thing.

    They regularly sell stock they haven't got, take your money immediately then take 2-3 working days (minnimum) to give it back.

    Dont forget to claim compensation for the lost day.


    Dont forget to claim compensation for the lost day.

    Entitled Britain at it's finest.

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    mate. i called up the manager Mr. brian was v unapologetic n said only refund n no compensation or any price match if stock does come across . in fact after hearing this have fired a v hard hitting email to tesco direct including. detailed conversation with the manager. lets c what happens.

    What when you spend all day sitting in the house after taking a day off work and either not being paid or losing out on a days leave?

    Yes i bloody well complained and got compensation.

    Not all of us don't care about our days off/have too much money to care about it/have a servant to wait in for them to turn up.

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    good to hear that. hope I too get compensation n price match subsequently;-)

    initially they will offer you, your delivery costs back which i accepted on the proviso that further action would be taken in the form of a complaint.

    Once you get to speak to a manager they play the old game of not refunding/ not paying compensation as its not company policy. However no where in the T+Cs does (might have changed now) do they state that they do not accept liability if the delivery is confirmed and then not made. In my case they argued point blank that the item was delivered to me on the date and i had signed for it it was meant to have been, but i could easily have got proof that they were lying as i live on a military base and they would have had to sign onto the base. After that things turned in my favour as i now had them accusing me of lying without any proof to back up the allegation. They also told me that it would be delivered on Tuesday, then later said that they don't deliver to people on Tuesdays (????) So another manager lying/being dumb.

    In the end (this did go on for a while) I was refunded the £7.50 for delivery, the cost of the item and £50, which was acceptable given i had to take three days off work and the hassle involved.

    Now for those who are thinking why didn't i just get a refund and go else where... Well the item was an additional product for something i had already bought and it was Tesco specific so I couldn't get it elsewhere.

    i got tesco to price match the alcatel C1 pop from argos earlier, not because they price match but because they messed up estimated delivery time - first monday, then weds, then it showed up on Tuesday (today!). bloke who called me was nice and polite, so i was polite back. got the £5.01 back on my card. I was really regretting ordering with them until that. Every little helps.. ;o)

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    guys thanks for the input. I hope they give refund n save me the nightmare of going through all this. all I wanted was that awesome TV n now can't get at that price n elsewhere its also oOS. hope they give a proper reply to my email n things work out well. As its me whose still at the loosing end of not getting the Bravia series. huh:-(

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    guys finally got the Sony Bravia 42" LED Smart TV for £276( original price £399 -cyber Monday deal) deductions- £28 quidco discount, £75 tesco discount as earlier cancelled my TV order, £20 voucher code for cyber Monday deal ,Hence net price :£ 276. truly satisfied by the deal and on top of it free 5 ur warranty.
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