Is tesco ditching Nintendo?

Found 29th Jun
I know Nintendo never got massive shelf space at tesco, but went in today (tesco extra, oaktree lane, Mansfield) and while Ps4 and xbox still had large shelf space, Nintendo had all gone, I searched around and found 1 or 2 copies of each of what they must consider the top 5 switch chart, on a small bit of an end shelf all full price but with xbox and Ps4 clearance games, no consoles, no 2ds/3ds.
They still had lots of games and consoles the other day when they put arms and scribblenauts on clearance at £10

Have tesco ditched Nintendo now? I thought the switch was selling really well, wasn't it the best selling console at Xmas?

Odd move, has any other tescos done this?
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Probably Nintendo’s limited stock availability.
Did you get the games scanned to check if they had been reduced ?
I bought scribblenauts for 10, arms was already sold out and I checked 3 different stores, they had nothing on sale on switch yesterday when i went in, I did ask before everything disappeared and they said the clearance was store specific, but all 3 shops I went in had arms for 10 but didn't have any, one had sonic forces for 10 but didn't have any but the other 2 were at full price
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