Is that tesco's points link a fraud?…ts/

    How come this links to the website

    when the link from Tesco's goes to…ng/ and has no mention of any site with as the host (or of this deal)

    The Tesco's picture at the top isn't a link like in all other tesco's pages, and the quick links at the bottom have -'s instead of |'s like all other Tesco pages

    Can anyone veryfy that this is a Tesco's web page and we're not just giving away details at random

    Sorry - I'm not normally this causious but something just feels wrong


    it is ok - i filled it in before and i followed the link

    yep - i filled it in earlier & went directly to other tesco pages with no probs.

    Original Poster

    that just means links goto tesco's pages
    doesn't mean it's anything to do with tesco's

    I could make a and put links to here on it - doesn't mean I'm legit

    Original Poster

    what I'm saying is there's nothing linking from tesco's to this website
    everything that's listed straight from for greener living goes direct to…ing......

    why is this page not conforming to the rest of Tesco's pages layout or address

    looks very suspect to me

    what kind of "welcome" email did anyone get?

    If it was fake they would have asked for your password so they could spend on any saved card details.
    The info provided is of no use to any scammers

    Original Poster

    found it - the site is registered too Tesco's

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