Is the £23.50 deal from ID network for the S6 egde worth it?

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Found 11th Jan
Considering the fact you can shockproof at £5.. I assume I shouldn't encounter any other issues?

Anyone had good/bad experiences with them? I'm 50/50 atm with Trust Pilot looking so terrifying!

Anyone know how their network coverage is compared to O2/Tesco?

What about your internet.. Does it get sucked dry quicker or is that some trash talk?

Thank you! Anxious about committing to a 2 year contract.



unshackled have good deals on there phones

link to deal?



Oops! you.

then no - not a good deal

based on the fact that a 1 month rolling contract with iD is £5 (ok less mins) but this is 24 months

that means you pay £18.5 per month for the phone = £444 - and most likely locked to iD

you can get a grade A s6 edge unlocked from CEX for £370 and pick your own sim only deal

therefore NO DEAL


and there CS is awful by all accounts

they piggyback on Three BTW


the data does suffer I have been told by a friend whom has been using other networks and 1GB on others didn't use up as much as 2gb I asked this before but nobody replied i told him to monitor data usage via a app but his phone was a old galaxy ace so he didn't have much storage and couldn't get a app to fit. but he just uses to job search check emails and 2gb runs out quicker than 1GB from various other networks giff gaff vectone and lyca.

It's a poor deal IMO
You should be getting same phone for around £20 a month without upfront cost and a hell of lot more data, min 3gb.

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Thank you all! I will probably consider looking into 2nd hand then, I'm happy with my sim contract £7.50 (minus £3 with the Xtra app lol) with tesco, I have like 950mb data with them but more than enough for what I use it for (e-mails, whatsapp and the odd app game) just my S4 started failing after 4 wonderful years wanted something cheap but not of less quality.
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I'm with id network....I find the network coverage fairly crap to be honest (manchester)...just got my son on giffgaff and I will be joining him at end of the month
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