Is the Amazon kindle any good?

Does anyone have one are they any good?


Yes there amazing, had mine since lanch date and use it most days. I've got the non 3g version as i never needed a book that badly and the battery life is about 4 weeks.

they look the balls tbh! i really want one.
can you connect them to a PC and say upload PDFs and other ebooks, or does it all need to come from the kindle store?

been trying to convince myself too.

I would be more inclined if the price of kindle books wasn't pretty much the same as printed, for most they seem to just knock ten pence off.

I do love the look of them though.

Got mine on Thursday, love it but haven't worked it all out yet. Loads of free books available in pdf format.

Amazing bit of kit

yes you can connect to PC and upload pdf's
yes you can obtain any non protected ebook and change the format so it's readable on a kindle using software called "calibre" (that's what I use anyways to convert pdf's to .mobi format)
you can have more than 1 kindle attached to your amazon account so any ebooks you do buy can be shared between the kindles (wife kids etc etc)

since buying a kindle i actually read again and love it too!!!

I have had mine since Christmas and love it.. Does everything I need it to, books, newspapers downloaded daily and can download large pdf documents, also has an email address so I can mail things I need to i,t for work... My work bag is now so much smaller :-)

Highly rated by everyone I know. If I still got the train to work I'd defo get one tho as Ungreat says it's a pity they can't knock more of the price of ebooks.

Anyone know how it compares to the new Sony Touch Edition PRS-650?

I've been thinking about one - curently using my iPhone but the text is a bit small when reading pdf format ones

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well it all sounds good, i've been told that you can download books from the torrentz sites for it.


Yep I'm the same. They look great, was considering one as a Xmas present … Yep I'm the same. They look great, was considering one as a Xmas present for my daughter, who is a total bookworm but it seems cheaper to by the old fashioned paper books at the moment.

Most of the books that i have bought are cheaper on the Kindle, maybe not by much, but then you have to remember that a large proportion of a books cost is in editing, etc, which isn't eliminated by making the format electronic.
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