Is the code for the pepsi max competition on th side of the bottle?

    I was thinkin of just goin into tesco or the like and writin down all the codes haha and try to win a 5800


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    slow day for you

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    slow day for you

    lol no one seems to know

    surely the codes are one off so if u did that youd be preventing people who actually brought the bottles from using em... codes are usually printed on the inside to prevent people like you doing this

    I reckon it be on inside of the label on the bottles,or they might even be on the actual cap. Or say if can be under the ring pull if can. I can't see the code being on outside at all.

    its on the underside of the ringpull for the cans, i entered 3 codes yesterday mum bought a 24pack, and theres a unique code on every can :thumbsup:

    Where is the code for madden 25? I bought a 12 pack of pepsi max and I cant find where the code is. Can someone please help
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