is the Dyson cool fan worth the expensive price tag?

Found 26th May 2017
I know it costs rrp £250 but you can pick it up cheaper elsewhere but regardless of that is it genuinely worth it, I'm assuming its a definite no but I want to see the opinions of those who have previously or currently​ have had ownership of this item and those who have experienced using it
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You can build your own hobo version for a small cost
You can get a mobile air conditioner for cheaper.
If you're buying one, I'd suggest spending the extra to get the hot & cold version as it's not very often you'll want to use a cool-only fan!
Do you have children? Seems to me the main advantage of the lack of blades. Supposed to be quiet too. Blades fans have to be safe so unless your children run around with a set of screwdrivers I wouldn't worry about this aspect.
I wouldn't trust the review sites - if you'd spent £250 on a bit of design to move some air about, would you go on a review site to admit your own gullibility? No, you'd go and bleat about innovation, style and how wonderful it was.
Some of them filter the air - but as soon as it starts pushing the air around it mixes this 'filtered' air with the​ unfiltered.
For me it's a case of "We've got the technology, now WHAT can we do with it?".
no , useless ornament
I think the fact that there seemed to be an awful lot of these refurbished when they first came out speaks volumes.
Just got two Tesco tower fans for £20 each. They keep popping up on here. Great value and work brilliant
There's a lot of other gadgets and gizmos you can get for the £250 (or slightly less) that you would (hopefully not) spend on this.

I get their vacuums and they serve a purpose with the lower weight and better suction but not this fan.

Save the cash and spend elsewhere.
If you are spending that much I'd get an actual air conditioner. They are big and unsightly but last night a cool fan wouldn't have cut it, I chucked the air conditioner on with the pipe outside the room and it cooled from 26 degrees down to 17. It was £200 I paid in winter Your text here
£250 now or £299 for the version that heats and cools. In my opinion if you have that money to spend on a posh fan get one of these instead.
Thanks all for your comments, much appreciated
is any Dyson product worth paying the expensive price tag?

is any Dyson product worth paying the expensive price tag?


is any Dyson product worth paying the expensive price tag?

I think their ordinary vacuum cleaners are decent, especially on sale (or official refurbs). Like with most 'famous' brand names, they try to leverage the name that they made on things they're actually good at, as an excuse to bump up the price on all kinds of other stuff.

100% agree with the advice that if you're willing to spend £250 on something to cool you down, get an actual airconditioner.
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