is the ipad 2 32gb worth the extra £70 from 16gb?

    how big are apps these days


    Depends what you want to do with the Ipad...put music/ videos etc on it...if so then yes its worth it.

    If you want to use it for browsing the web and asking inane questions on here all day then no it's not worth it
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    lol but are ipad apps bigger in size than iphone ones?

    If you need more than 16gb I'd say yes.

    £70 for 16gb of storage, only on an Apple.X)

    Go for it. You'll soon fill it up.

    Maybe....Id like more room on mine but at least if forces me to clean up and swap out watched films and remove crappy apps.


    OP - are you actually going to buy one or are you just going to ask endless questions about them to make it look as if you may be interested??

    could you imagine rebecca black trying to choose an ipad

    .it's friday, friday, gotta get my ipad on friday.........

    Which ipad should i's friday, friday, gotta get my ipad on friday



    £70 for 16gb of storage, only on an Apple.X)

    16gb micro sd card would have cost less , thats probaly why they didn't put in a memory car slot.
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