IS the new CDWOW reliable???

    Lot of press/emails coming in from the new owners of CDWOW. They claim things are back to normal, but after the last few months of orders not shipping, or waiting for weeks I'm reluctant to shop with them again. Anyone tried them out in the last couple of weeks? If so, whats your feedback like on them?


    I ordered a cd on tuesday still not been despatched so looks like its still **** business as usual, still selling stuff they clearly dont have in stock by the looks of it

    Ordered a couple of DVDs about a week ago and received them a couple days ago

    I ordered a dvd - it arrived before I got the shipped email.
    Seems pretty good to me, Iv never had any problems with CDWOW before apart from when they didnt have somthing in stock - but that doesnt bother me because I have the option to cancel and get it from elsewhere or stick with them because their prices are somtimes considerably cheaper.

    ordered a plain white t's cd on the 18th, told me it would be dispatched on 24th (i emailed them). Then it wasn't so i emailed them again and they appologised and said that their suppliers let them down so it'll be dispatched on the 3rd October.

    Not too be bothered as i'm using an evoucher from pigsback :thumbsup:

    ordered batman 2 disc - delivered within a week

    Ordered the presale of the new foo fighters album, however it hasnt dispatched and still comes up as presale. So i sent them an email late on last night, to an almost immediate response saying they will have stock in on the 2nd, i dont mind, shows the customer service might have improved.
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