Is the NUS card worth it ?

Found 5th Oct 2017
I just seen a discussion about the NUS card and was considering getting one. I am a student so I already have unidays. Is it worth getting an NUS card? I don't really eat out and I mainly do shopping whenever there's a deal or it's essential.
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All of the above.
If you're already an Amazon Prime member and planning on a £40 spend at Amazon before end of 12 November - you can get £10 off - meaning the card would cost you effectively just £2.…037

That said, my son who is a student is not going to bother!
It's only a tenner 👌
Not at all...
I have one and have found it pretty useless apart from discount at the cinema.
I would check the discounts avalible on their website and if you think the savings that are useful to you outweigh the initial cost then it's worth it, if not don't bother.
Just for co op
If you shop in Co-op, the 10% is worth it. As already noted, cinema ticket discounts can add up as well.

6 month trial of Amazon prime... apparently there's a £10 off £40+ amazon spend voucher that can pay for the card if you shop at Amazon.

Superdrug 10% off. Can come in handy in the occasional shop where you realise at the last moment they do a student discount.
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