is the pill free over the counter yet?

    last year thwere was talk about the pill being free over the counter
    has this come into place yet or do you stil lhave to get a prescription from the doctor or family planning clinic?


    I only have to go to my doc every 6 months or so, he just gives me a repeat prescription to take to the chemist at the same time as my first lot

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    do u pay perscription charges or is it free?


    do u pay perscription charges or is it free?thanks

    Contraceptives are all free:thumbsup:

    ...and always has been free hasn't it??

    free with a prescription i have a check up every 3 months when i go back to get prescription

    sometimes check BP and stuff

    Pink & Fluffy;6266615

    ...and always has been free hasn't it??

    As far as i know yes. Ive been getting it free for the past 15 years

    Thanks you just reminded me that I need to call Drs to sort out my repeat prescription..Cheers dears!!
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