Is the PS3 dead?

    My nephews phat 40gb PS3 won't switch on. He has managed to get the disk out by repeatedly pressing butons. Tried leaving it powered off but still nothing. Its not hot or anything. When I try to power it on the green light comes on for a second or so, flashes orange / yellow 'ish then flashes red a few times.
    Is it time to try ang flog this (warrenty seal still intact) or is there something SIMPLE I could try - don't fancy opening it up or anything.
    Also if it needs opening, what would this one be worth - roughly without accessories?


    Nothing SIMPLE you can do I'm afraid. The fix involves stripping it down and using a heat gun on the system board.

    Maybe worth getting a repair quote though.

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    OK cheers - looks like Santa gonna get him a new PS3 then.
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