Is the PS3 worth the extra money?

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Found 15th Dec 2008
I've had a 360 before and returned it after it had a faulty disc drive within 2weeks of purchase. I am looking at getting a console again and my first inclination was to opt for the 360 again due to the larger games library/cheaper games however I just wondered if it made financial sense.

With the premium you only get one wireless controller so i would need to buy another and a play and charge kit and a HDMI cable so this would add up to another £50. Just wondered what came as standard with the PS3 and is it worth the extra money or is the 360 still the better option.

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I have both and prefer the 360 over the PS3. The PS3 comes with a wireless controller (newer bundles have rumble), I didnt get an HDMI cable with mine but they cost peanuts now. All the multiformat releases seem to play and look better on the 360 over the PS3.

I personally dont think the PS3 is worth the extra just to play games, but if you have a decent HDTV and watch movies then the ability to play Bluray makes it worth the extra outlay.

If you have no interest in Blu-ray you're better off buying a 360.

With the PS3, you have Wireless built in - that costs about £40-£50 alone for the 360 network adaptor . You can also play online for free, which you would pay around £25 - £40 a year for on the 360.

You won't need to buy anything like a Quick Charge kit, either, as the controllers charge using a USB cable that you get in the box.

Like others have said though, unless you really want some of the PS3 exclusives (Metal Gear, Little Big Planet, Warhawk, Uncharted, etc), then the 360 is just as good (sometimes better) for games. Plus the back catalogue on the 360 is superb, and excellent games can be picked up for around a fiver if you scout around...

I actually prefer my PS3 over the 360, but that's more because I use it for web browsing, photos, Blu-rays, upscaling DVDs, storing music, etc. You can upgrade the Hard Drive to something like a 320gb one for about £50, whereas you pay that for a 60gb one for the 360.

Another thing, I'm on 360 #4 now, and my PS3 has been faultless since launch day

Some things I prefer with the 360 are the Achievements system; the controller feels much better to hold (although the D-pad is terrible); I like the 360 marketplace and arcade games too....

You'll have to weigh up the good and the bad, and take into consideration the price once you buy everything you need.

I would say yes, I have both, no RROD worries.

I'd go for a 360, purely on the cheapness of games and size of library etc. Also the newer 360's have a hugely superior set of hardware in them, the new bunch rarely get RROD's unless you get unlucky like any console.

The biggest crunch though is the Blu-Ray player in the PS3, but end of the day, if thats a huge deal and the only reason you're buying a PS3, it'll be cheaper to buy a standalone BluRay player.

360 for 18 months and no RROD on a Falcon elite

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Thanks everyone for the advice. It would be nice to get a blu ray player but while a lot of the films are 3times more expensive i think i can wait a while for them to come down a bit. I think i will just go for the 360
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