Is the S8100fd any better than the S8000fd?

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Found 10th Apr 2009
Obviously it has more megapixels, but what about everything else? What takes better pictures?

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Here is a long review of the S8000FD.


Review of the S8100FD here


>What takes better pictures?

I am tempted to answer this by saying it is the photographer that takes better pictures.

A good photographer with a poor camera will probably take better pictures than a poor photographer with a good camera.

While the S8100FD is probably just a minor upgrade to the S8000FD the good thing is that the
S8000FD will probably be reduced in price beause it is end of life so offers a better deal than the newer model.

If you are not bothered about saving a few pounds go for the newer model, if you want to save a few pounds got for the older model.

I am sure they both take perfectly good pictures.

A few comments I have read says the new camera is 10Mp, but they use the same CCD as the old camera which was 8mp, so they are trying to squeeze more megapixels onto the same space, which would probably reduce picture quality.

More megapixel is not always better.

I would plump for the older camera.

There is an excellent review of the S8000FD here


I have had both of these and am using the 8100 now and it does take better pictures at distance then the 8000, So I would get the 8100
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