Is the site having problems again!

    Posted onto Predikuesi's add one leave one game in reply to Prissymiss which is now showing abover her post.

    Apols if already posted, tried to do an advanced search and it came up with an internal error



    been like it all morning for me

    been fine for me

    Original Poster

    Cheers DangerGod, thought I'd got a touch of the Clairvoyant about me suddenly

    Original Poster

    Seems to be all over the place

    Do you usually report these or do the mods etc generally pick them up automatically?


    Just happened again to me:?

    Yeah, we know about this. I think it's the time on the new server (added yesterday) not being in-sync with the others.

    I've told the developer who's waiting for the server guy.
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