Is the site linked to in this thread a scam site

    I would have thought so for that price of UGG boots


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    I meant fakes!


    looks ok on first looks tbh, they can be bought from sydney market for around 35aud so in bulk they would be cheaper and they are based in melbourne.

    paypal is available so


    of course they are not going to be the genuine UGG


    genuine is owned by a us company now i think....they weer trying to get it back as an aussie brand a while back

    I got a pair from…e=1 for £89 inc delivery. I took them down to Schuh and manager compared them to theirs and we couldnt see any difference. But some people say that site isnt genuine -

    I suppose only way to be sure is to get them from a proper Ugg retailer - but pricey!
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