Is the V3i violet really violet?

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Found 22nd Aug 2006
Ive got a black v3 which Im happy with but im a purpleaholic so when i heard you could get the v3i in violet i almost ordered one until i looked at the picture as it looks like its black thats been sprayed over with a metallc violet. Has any one seen it in the flesh as it were, and if so is it really dark almosr black? I wish more phones would come out in lilac or purple, who want orange or green or even gold? I did have a vodafone one in lovely lilac but the coverage was awful. Any other purple lovers on here....?

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I'm a purple lover ;P

It's more like "dark hazelnut" lol.

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thanks think i'll wait for a proper purple one


Oh, I have a friend, who always buys lilac phones. Obviously she's not the only one. :))
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