is the wii fit any good?

    ok,so thinking of getting a wii fit.i know they've been out for a while and thought this might be a good time to find out if they are any good or another waste of money.
    has anybody noticed a difference in body shape/weight etc since using it?
    i know i should be able to tone up etc without one but thought it may be fun for me and the kids.


    wii active is much better than wii fit.

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    have you tried both then?
    think i'll have a look at that.cheers:)

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    does it need the balance board?


    good for gathering dust

    Seriously dont get it, its hardly calorie burning exercies its more like yoga and stretching.

    Get this instead its only £9 and its really good! Dont need no equipment or anything!…tml

    the wii ctive does not need the wii fit board but will incorporate it if you do. the main difference is tat you can choose what to do on the wii fit - so if oyu want to do the easiet things it will let you. the wii active randomly selects what you are doing that session and you have to do it. its hard work. like a proper personal trainer. the extra bonus is that you get rest days with wii active where it will tell you not to work out that particular day, and if you try the onscreen trainer makes a big deal about it. the wii active is definatly a far superior product than the wii fit.

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    thanks everybody.dont think i'll be getting a wii fit.
    will look into the other 2 though

    I second wii sports active, you can work up a sweat and it's fun. It also changes the activity frequently to stop you getting bored and switching off.

    Yep, deffo go for EA Active - I have both.

    You can use the balance board with EA Active, bu it is not at all necessary for it

    As said before definately go for the Active.

    I have both, My 6yr old son plays the Wii fit and i use the Active. I work up a sweat everytime i use it!
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