Is the WWE for the nintendo ds too violent for my 9 year old?

Found 25th Nov 2008
Please be kind as I'm new! My 9 year old son is WWE mad and wants the game for his Nintendo DS but it says age 16 on the box. Has anyone got this game and would you say its too violent for a 9 year old? Or is there any other wrestling games out there suitable for a young boy?


depends what you call violent I guess. It's a 16 rating for a reason.... kicking, punching, hitting with obstacles and so on... not exactly mary poppins!!

nah its not to violent, bit of fake blood here and their but nothing brutal at all.

I wouldn't expect the game to be any worse than the TV show and to be honest, I'd have thought violence between real-life people on screen would be more 'harmful' than between computer generated people (although I have my own views on exactly how 'harmful' that kind of stuff is - ie not very!)

My son has star trek (dont ask!) and thats a 16+ on the box and hes 6!! the fella in the shop told me it can be one thing in the game that makes the rating ie star trek has guns on the ships and thats what makes it that rating but the game is very innocent other than that.

Its pretty tame compared to the shows as was said before a bit of blood. BUT it depends whether you let him watch Late night RAW & Smackdown. If he watches the daytime shows which cut out even the chair hits & the bombs through tables then it might well be.
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