Is their an App Store for Nokia phones?

    Im after some apps for my 5800, is there an official site that has them all on. Or do i have to search around the net for some?



    there will be, if its not in place already.…es/

    The Nokia 5800 is a Symbian 5th edition phone
    Any software for Symbian 5th edition will work on it, you can get this for free all over the internet and there are a few things you can pay for as well if you want

    I suggest you read up on Symbian

    However to start you off here's some useful sites for you…php

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    im after the sat nav app, if anyone can pm it to me.…es/ is official nokia app provider

    If you google ipmart there's lots of info on the forums there

    And Garmin XT I think is the best for 5800 ATM....



    TomTom Navigator 7 is the best, it's just been released for S60 phones

    Well just getting 'NDRIVE' ATM This looks pretty good too


    TT Will no doubt end up the best / most popular....

    Go to the Download app on the Nokia 5800, and you can download the Ovi Store app, some decent apps on the Ovi Store, many more will be added over the coming months, with N97 being released.

    I have the 5800 and it will hopefully fingers crossed get better.


    If you google ipmart there's lots of info on the forums there

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