Is their equipment that can scan text and convert to word?

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Found 21st May 2007
Hi All

My manager is off sick at the moment but before she left she mentioned her hubby has some equipment that can scan text and convert into a word/text file?

At the moment i work in an accounts dept and lot of the companys i deal with sent a statement in paper format via post. However a lot send a text/excel file which i can manipulate.

I need a device that can scan pages. Take the text from the pages and convert it into a text/word format file.

Anyone have any clues if there is such a device please?

Many Thanks in advance.

Terry Aka Clint

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Almost all scanners come with OCR software (optical character recognition) - this is what you are after. See en.wikipedia.org/wik…ion

From searching google from 'free OCR software' there is this: simpleocr.com/
(Probably worth a look, but I haven't used it and can't vouch for it...)

I second ]jah128.

Original Poster

Cheers both of you much appreciated.


I saw one of these in Selfridges in Manchester on Saturday. Unfortunatley, as I don't need one I didn't look at the price.

They are downstairs in the Micro Anvika bit if you want to check them out.


Depends on volume - some large companies, councils and govt bodies have special machines for digitising all their paper records.

On a much smaller scale all you need is a scanner (one with paper feed makes it easier) shopping.hp.com/sto…B1H and some software like Omnipage nuance.com/omn…ge/

Some come with IRIS OCR software but I've found this to be pretty rubbish.....
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