Is there a 32" 1080 LCD TV yet?

    Been looking at LCD TVs for a work colleague

    He is looking for something in the 32" size range for small flat, but would like to get a 1080p panel.

    I have search around and the best I can come up with is the Tosh 37X3030D

    Are there any 32" ish 1080p LCD TVs out there?


    There are not many around and not sure if they are available in the UK. Sharp do one which is on ] I guess the fact that the size makes it hard to see the difference and the premium you will pay for such a rare beast makes people plump for a similarly priced maybe cheaper 37" or 40" model.

    You wont see much advantage to 1080p with that size screen, it's not worth the extra money it will cost over a 1080i set imho.
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