Is there a basic media player that I can use via rgb scart?

Found 5th Jun 2011
I am happy with my Xbox with XBMC bar the fact that the ports are only usb 1 and only a tiny amount of memory sticks or card readers work with it.

So I have a 80 gig 2.5 drive drive here in a usb enclosure so a media player would be useful for watching all my tv shows on my old sd tv on bedroom or for travelling.

So is there any players that have rgb scart or compatable output and not crappy composite?
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Do you mean like the WD mini tv? These have the red yellow white and also the red blue and whatever other colour it is cables. Just get a scart adapter.…313
Change the TV!

Change the TV!

I already own a plasma lol but I like watching old tv shows on my sd crt tv or in the bedroom and its useful for travelling.

A working vga to scart adaptor would work also but the 2 I have dont like interlacing correct.
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